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the action of helping or doing work for someone. eg. "My barber provided me with outstanding service"

synonyms: favor, kindness, good turn, helping hand

Personal Statement

The definition of service includes phrases like helping hand, and kindness. We aim to embody these principles, in and out of business settings, in order to create a lasting bond between barber and client. So many times it feels like the world has lost its sense of service, sense of kindness, or ability to give a helping hand. Let me provide that appreciation, attentive ear, and impeccable service.

"One of the best barbering experiences I have received has been by Ikechi. The cut, edging, and shaping. From the first cut, he has always on point, and exceeded my expectation..."


ATTN New Address!

Ikechi will now be located at:

1101 Elder St. Suite #304 
Houston TX 77007